Craft is never out of fashion...

Meesterlijk turns the spotlight on design, fashion and craftsmanship at a dynamic venue in Amsterdam.

The work of the artisans ought to be of outstanding quality, as we know it from the Master. In the past, during the time of the Guilds, the Master title offered the consumer assurance. Now Meesterlijk does the same for you.

The selected objects also have a durable character. Not just durable in the materials applied, but also durable in design and unicity. A tailor made object has lasting immaterial value. This is the new luxury.

The dedication with which the artisan products have been realised is literally tangible at Meesterlijk. Here you can see the Masters at work. Hester van Eeghen introduces you to the process of leather craft. From skin to bag. Daniel Moesker and the Goldfabrik (the good gold!) shed light on the process of jewelry making.
Your leather gloves, kitchen chairs and jewels will never look the same again after watching their creation with your own eyes, at the Meesterlijk workshops.

Photo: Edelsmederij Vuur & Vlam