Dutch design is a worldbrand

Meesterlijk presents with great enthusiasm designers and craft who are capable of elevating every day objects, furniture and accesoires with timeless sophistication.

This extraordinary talent of Dutch designers, to combine the ethical with the practical, has been famous for many centuries.

An increasing number of designers are using the contemporary preference and interest of the audience for authenticity, craft and originality. Meesterlijk  makes the band between good design and crafting techniques stronger and shows the latest fashion to a large (inter)national audience.

How much more fun is it to buy every day object like a chair, vase, bowl, dress, ring or just a coffe cup from a designer. To hear the story behind the design, to hear how it is made. To look at it, at home or at the office, to use it and to have the feeling to transcend the grey masse.

Meet the designers and their products and let them tell you the story about the latest developments in the world of design.